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Extending wireless camera range. Optimizing your signal The strength of the wireless signal between the camera and receiver will ultimately determine the quality of video you will receive. Maximizing Signal Strength Understanding the factors that can strengthen and degrade a wireless signal can extend your wireless camera range and maximize your video footage.

Line of Site Try to limit the amount of obstructions between the camera and the receiver.

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Positioning Antennas High gain antennas point the wireless signal in a single direction to create a more focused, narrow signal that targets the receiver. Competing Signals Avoid placing cameras or receivers near other wireless signals and leave as much space as possible between wireless receivers. How barriers affect wireless signals The signal range varies depending on the type of building materials or objects the wireless signal must pass through as it travels from one point to another. Reflection The signal reflects back off an object similar to a ray of light.

Scattering The signal scatters into multiple new signals.

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Attenuation The reduction of signal strength during transmission. Refraction The signal changes direction as it travels through an object.

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Diffraction The signal changes direction as it passes around an object. Material vs signal reduction Cubicle walls, drywall, and windows generally do not seriously degrade wireless signal strength as these materials are typically thin and light.

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Wireless security is important to everyone because no one wants hackers in their network stealing data or stealing previous bandwidth that they pay good money for. Depending on how old your wireless router is, you may need to upgrade its firmware to add WPA2 support. If you can't upgrade your router's firmware to add support for WPA2 then you should consider investing in a new wireless router that supports WPA2 encryption.

There's a list that hackers like to refer to that contains the Top most common SSIDs wireless network names. If your SSID is on this list, hackers have likely already created a custom Rainbow Table password hash table that can be used to crack your network's password unless you're using a really long network password. Even some implementations of WPA2 may be vulnerable to this type of attack.

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Make your network name as random as possible and avoid using dictionary words. In conjunction with creating a strong network name that isn't on the list of the most common SSIDs, you should choose a strong password for your pre-shared key.

A shorter length password is more likely to be cracked than a longer one. Longer passwords are better because the Rainbow Tables that are used to crack passwords aren't practical after you exceed a certain length of password due to storage limitations. Consider setting your wireless network's password to a length of 16 or more characters.

Most wireless routers have a built-in firewall that can be used to help keep hackers out of your network. You should consider enabling and configuring the built-in firewall see your router manufacturer's support site for details.